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If you or someone you know experiences family and domestic violence and needs help, please visit Yourtoolkit.com for a step-by-step guide.

Trigger warning: This content discusses violence against women. Some readers may find this content triggering. Call 1800 RESPECT for counselling services.

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Preventing violence against women is everyone’s responsibility.

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How do you make women feel safe in your community?

Every woman has a story about inequality, harassment, abuse, or assault. After reading this page, you will know how to #Saysomething to end violence against women.

Speak up and #saysomething to stop violence against women.

#saysomething on socials...

1 in 4 women experience some form of violence in their lifetime. Stand up and #saysomething to end violence against women - share about our campaign on your socials.

Stop violence against women…

In 2018, 65% of Australians who witnessed workplace sexual harassment took no action (AHRC, 2018).

Jess works in real estate. She is regularly subjected to creepy jokes and made to feel uncomfortable in her uniform. She feels her workplace offers no support and is frustrated by workplace diversity policies that don’t encourage change. She’s been labelled bossy for suggesting this be a company focus. Her colleagues gossip that this is why she hasn't been considered for promotion.

#Saysomething to end violence against women at work, you can:

  • Make practical and accountable gender equity policies
  • Host HR training to teach appropriate behaviours
  • Create safe spaces for women
  • Offer flexible employment for both working parents
  • Tackle gender bias recruitment
  • Promote qualified women to leadership roles

In Australia,

1 in 3

women experience sexual or physical violence.

In Australia,

1 in 2

women experience sexual harassment.

Indigenous women are


more likely to be hospitalised in violent assaults.

In the LGBTIQA+ community


report verbal abuse as a result of their gender identity or sexuality.

End the cycle of violence against women

Violence against women is unfortunately common and largely tolerated in Australia. Ending violence against women starts by addressing the social conditions that drive it.

Four ways to prevent violence against women…

Challenge violence against women.

Reject harmful gender stereotypes.

Support women’s independence.

Encourage respect towards women.

Continue reading our resources to learn more about the 4 drivers of violence against women and how to challenge them at work, at home and in our communities.

In 2022, 56 women lost their lives in incidences of violence against women. Many other sisters, mothers and friends also suffer from violence, experiencing disability, poor mental health, and homelessness.

#Saysomething to your colleagues, family and friends on social media

Three ways you can help end violence against women: