To resource and empower vulnerable women to transition away from domestic abuse, and financial abuse.


That every woman is well equipped to be physically, emotionally and financially secure.


Equality, Collaboration, Resilience, Respect, Empowerment, Integrity.

Our Objectives

  • To provide curated information in one place that victim-survivors of violence need, at various stages of their journey towards independence.
  • To provide a step-by-step guide – we walk alongside women to empower and inform them to make sustainable change in their lives.
  • To connect Yourtoolkit.com users to the FDV sector services. We support and augment the work done by face-to-face services.
  • To provide an internet-based engagement platform, the support and information it provides is freely available to anyone with an internet connection whenever or wherever they need it and when it is safe for them to use it.

What is Yourtoolkit.com?

If you are facing family and domestic violence, or supporting someone who is, Yourtoolkit.com provides a free, comprehensive, road map forward towards independence and resilience. Our regularly updated website contains a broad range of information about keeping safe, finding support and money matters.

Why We Exist

  • One in four women in Australia will face family and domestic violence in their lifetime
  • One in six Australian women will face physical or sexual violence from a current or previous intimate partner after the age of 15
  • Lack of economic security and financial resources is the primary reason women return to abusive relationships
  • Family and domestic violence is one of the largest driver of homelessness for women.

We exist to help you access relevant information, as well as support networks and services your need: easily, safely and reliably.

Our History

Yourtoolkit.com came about after a conversation between Rosie Batty AO (former Australian of the Year and someone who faced domestic violence that culminated in the murder of her son) and Lyn Beazley AO (former West Australian of the Year). Lyn asked Rosie what we could do to help and the idea behind Yourtoolkit.com was born.

Our volunteer team spent more than two years researching the need for, and availability of, information and education catering specifically to women facing domestic and family violence including financial abuse. We interviewed domestic violence survivors, support workers, women’s refuge staff, industry bodies including the Women’s Council for Domestic and Family Violence, 1800 Respect, staff from Legal Aid Domestic Violence Unit, social workers and others. Yourtoolkit.com was developed based on the findings of this research.

Since those early days, we have been grateful for the assistance and support of a great many volunteers and other supporters without whom Yourtoolkit.com could never have been built.

For more information about the organisation visit Womenatrisktrust.com

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Take our short survey!
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