Chartered Accountants ANZ is committed to empowering independence through financial literacy. On behalf of our 135,000 members, we are proud to support people to be free from family and domestic violence.

Demeter Legacy fund has ‘a philosophy built on healing’. Our purpose is to build a world where those without a voice are seen, heard, protected and cherished.

Creating thriving communities with safe children, strong homes and empowered people.

The WA Government, through Lotterywest, supports community projects and events, helping
to build a better WA together.

Woodside is a global energy company, with the values, experience and creativity to adapt and thrive in a changing world. We play an active role in contributing to the wellbeing and sustainability of the communities we are part of.

At Lavan, as individuals it is sometimes difficult to feel as if you can make a difference but we believe we can make a difference. We are very proud to have this opportunity to give back.

SIXGUN supports

SIXGUN is a digital marketing agency focused on sustainable client results and meaningful social impact as a business. They are a proud supporter of and the value that it provides to people facing family and domestic violence.

Established in 1978 by the late Stan Perron AC, The Stan Perron Charitable Foundation supports a range of charitable causes and health research initiatives, especially those dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Western Australian children.

At William Buck, we recognise the role we play in the lives of our people, clients, and the community and believe that everything we do has the potential to make a positive change. To support achieving a far-reaching positive impact, we support community projects, offer pro-bono work where possible and assist charities and organisations most in need.


House Digital supports non-profits by helping them develop their digital assets in a way that helps them become more self-sustainable. The House Digital team has been instrumental in developing the website experience and making it easier for women and children experiencing family and domestic violence to find support.

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Take our short survey!
We use this anonymous data to advocate for you. Please press submit to finish the survey.