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A Comprehensive Guide to Achieving Gender Equality

Violence against women is an epidemic in Australia and is driven by a lack of gender equality. This violation of human rights often occurs against women in workplaces, social settings and community spaces and may include domestic violence, sexual assault, workplace harassment, stalking and other controlling behaviour. It’s time to change that. Here’s how we can make a real difference together.


1. Develop Policies for Sexual Harassment and Violence

First things first, we need to make sure everyone feels safe – this means setting up clear rules against any form of harassment or violence. It’s important that these rules are taken seriously and that anyone who feels threatened can speak up and get help. Educating everyone about what’s not okay is a big part of this. Let’s make our community a no-go zone for harassment and violence.


2. Promote Women in Leadership

Empowering women to take on leadership roles means we get to hear different points of view, and it shows everyone that being a leader isn’t just a man’s job. Let’s help women get these positions, offering training and support where we can. Seeing more women leading the way is inspiring for everyone, especially for the next generation.


3. Create Flexible Participation Options

Not everyone can stick to a strict schedule, especially if they’re juggling family life or other commitments. Offering flexible ways to get involved means more people can take part. Whether it’s virtual meetings or events at different times, let’s make sure everyone can contribute in a way that works for them.


4. Support Women in STEM

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are fields where women have been underrepresented for too long. Let’s change this by encouraging girls and women to dive into STEM. Scholarships, mentor programs, and showcasing female role models are great ways to start – it’s about showing that these exciting fields are for everyone.


5. Embrace Children’s Personalities Rather Than Their Gender

Kids should feel free to like what they like, whether it’s dolls, trucks, or both! Encouraging children to explore all their interests helps break down stereotypes from a young age. This means not boxing children into roles based on their gender; it’s all about supporting them to be their true selves.


6. Opt for Gender-Neutral Uniforms

Uniforms shouldn’t make anyone feel out of place or uncomfortable – moving to gender-neutral options is a straightforward way to make everyone feel included. It’s also a step towards breaking down unnecessary barriers and helping kids focus on what really matters: learning and growing.

Additional Tips for How to Close the Gender Gap in the Community

  • Celebrate women’s achievements with events or fundraisers.
  • Change old chants or rituals that disrespect women.
  • Create networking opportunities for women to connect and support each other.
  • Give women’s sports the spotlight they deserve.
  • Teach everyone to speak up (#saysomething) if they witness violence against women.
  • Promote positive attitudes about women in the media.
  • Encourage women to take on leadership roles and support them when they do.

Wrapping Up – Equality is the Goal

Tackling the gender gap and putting an end to violence against women are goals that go hand in hand. By promoting joint decision-making, financial and social independence, and challenging harmful stereotypes and behaviours, communities can take significant strides towards gender equality. Let’s all do our part and #saysomething to end violence against women and close the gender gap in our communities.

For more information and resources, please visit Yourtoolkit.com/saysomething. Together, we can make a difference.