Navigating the Legal System – Seeking Protection Orders

Getting your head around the ins and outs of the legal system during tough times can feel overwhelming, especially when seeking protection from domestic violence. But understanding your rights and the steps to obtain a protection order can offer a pathway to safety and peace of mind. Here’s a guide to help victims of domestic violence through this process in Australia.

Understanding Protection Orders

In Australia, protection orders are legal documents issued by the court to prevent further domestic violence. These orders can restrict the abuser’s behaviour and actions towards the victim, such as stopping them from making contact or getting close to the victim.

Steps to Getting a Protection Order

  1. Recognise the Need: The first step is to realise the need for a protection order in the first place. For anyone feeling threatened or unsafe due to domestic violence, seeking protection is a priority.
  2. Gather Evidence: Documenting the times when violence or threats occur can strengthen a victim’s case. This might mean keeping a diary, screenshots of threatening messages, medical reports, or all of these things.
  3. Seek Legal Advice: Speaking to a legal professional can give clarity and guidance. They can help victims understand their options and the process ahead. offers resources and support to connect you with legal advice.
  4. Application Process: The application for a protection order can usually be filed at your local court. You’ll need to give detailed information about what happened and the type of protection you want.
  5. Court Hearing: After submitting your application, a court hearing will be scheduled. It’s crucial to attend this hearing, where both you and the abuser will have the chance to make your cases.
  6. Issuance of the Order: If the court finds it necessary, a protection order will be issued. It’s important to understand the conditions of the order and to keep a copy with you at all times.

Support Along the Way

It’s important for victims to remember they’re not alone. is here to support victims of domestic violence with resources, advice and information to navigate the legal system and protect themselves. Our website offers guides, support group info, and links to legal support.

Seeking a protection order is a big step towards ensuring your safety and wellbeing. While it may seem scary, it’s a path towards a safer future. With the right support, victims can find their way through the legal system with confidence.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, immediate help is available. For urgent help, contact 000.